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7 steps on your website to achieve new customers online

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3/13/15 11:30 AM

Today are available a wide range of channels to market your products or services online.

Where is better to start to achieve new opportunities for your business?

Our suggestion is to focus first on your website: it needs to become the central hub of your marketing activities, but are the right strategy and methodology that can increase the number of qualified sales opportunities for your brand and your return on the marketing investment.

In this post, we'll provide you an effective and symple overview of activities and resources you should use to attract more visitors, convert more leads and close more customers with your website: here we map the core 7 inbound methodology's steps that cover your online marketing and your customer's journey.

Inbound marketing pulls the right prospective customers toward your offer, but it's not pushy or interruptive, it's able to establish a relationship with them that is very favorable to the sale (see an example of how the inbound methodology builds the online relationship with a customer): it naturally attracts people who are interested from the right channel, by delivering tailored educational content at just the right time of the lifecycle stage. It helps marketers & business owners like you to make you be found by the right customers and to accelerate sales.



Begin with having a clear vision of WHO your potential customers are and which DECISIONS and BEHAVIORS will drive them to buy.

Create specific Buyer Personas for your business and use them to know which information your customers are seeking to ultimately assist them to find their answers.

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Create compelling content to attract and engage.

To create the proper quality content, always focus on YOUR CUSTOMERS needs instead of starting from “your solutions.“

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Follow them along their Buyer’s Journey.

Use the information you have collected to give useful solutions to their needs throughout the stages of their purchasing decision process.

Be helpful and educational (not pushy or interruptive) by building a remarkable experience that matches prospect needs, WHEN and HOW they want to be reached.

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Attract qualified prospects on your website and convert them into leads.

How? Create engaging and informative content that they want to read, connect withand return to.

Share PREMIUM RESOURCES - e.g. e-books,white papers etc. downloadable for free.

Provide them with specific content for eachstage of the sales funnel at the opportune time.

In exchange, collect information to get to know them better and be able to best personalize your answers.

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The Buyer's Journeycan be broken into 3 key stages:

1st stage: AWARENESS
the buyer is not aware of your brand he is searching for a solution
the buyer knows who you are and he wants to know the value of your offer
3rd stage: DECISION
the buyer wants to know the reasonswhy he should do business with you over your competitors


Your customers are already online! Choose the most effective channels to match their research.

Blogging, social media, keywords, web pages, e-mail marketing, digital publishing etc. Wherever people are seeking information, challenge or tips, you have the opportunity to be known by new potential customers.

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Create effective campaigns to promote your content.

Empower your site with the proper tools to obtain the most important conversion: from visitors to qualified leads. Use CALL-TO-ACTIONS to highlight quality content, LANDING PAGES to engage people in the content's value, SMART FORMS to gather information in exchange and THANK YOU PAGES to deliver your offer and the chance to take the next step. 

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Now you have a Lead. A lead who engages with your content.

A person who engages with your content becomes a Marketing Qualified Lead or MQL. They are not saying "call me", but they are getting closer.

NURTURE your leads using WORKFLOWS to deliver the rightcontent at the right time. When they are ready, they'll let you know. They'll fill out a form to talk to sales.

Now you have a Sales Qualified Lead or SQL. Your visitors have reached the first major milestone on the Buyer's Journey. They're educated, inspired and ready to engage!

The journey continues if they become a customer, perhaps even an advocate and maybe an evangelist for your brand.

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Thats-marketing-people-loveInbound Methodology covers the 4 core basics of your online effective marketing strategy:

  • ATTRACT potential customers and get them interested in your offer
  • CONVERT them into usable leads
  • CLOSE and convince them to purchase what you have to offer
  • DELIGHT with a positive experience that will make them to come back for future purchases, but also to tell their friends

Resources to learn the inbound methodology

Why is it time to communicate and sell to people differently?

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