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Many Air Care packaging design examples of a very smart private label

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4/11/16 9:30 PM


packaging design signed by nowheragency | De Rosa Team



Here you find a gallery of many examples of the brand new Concorde private label Air Fresheners packaging design that we developed for Re.le.vi.


CAR air fresheners packaging design signed by nowhereagency

CONCORDE | CAR air fresheners packaging design

The CAR air fresheners displays two scents (Fruit cocktail and Ocean).


Starting from the CAR air freshener, there is the electric DEO PAD range, the FRIDGE odor absorber, the GEL and DEO PEARLS air fresheners, the DEO STICK... all of them are multilingual packages (spanish/portoguese languages and french/english/arabic languages).




DEO PEARLS air fresheners packaging design signed by nowhereagency 

CONCORDE | DEO PEARLS air fresheners packaging design

DEO PEARLS range displays two scents (Sea breeze and Jasmine).



 DEO PAD - electric, passive and refill,  air fresheners packaging design signed by nowhereagency 

CONCORDE | DEO PAD air fresheners packaging design

Electric and refill DEO PAD range displays two scents (Cotton fresh and Sandal & Jasmine).



 FRIDGE odor absorber packaging design signed by nowhereagency 

CONCORDE | FRIDGE odor absorber packaging design

FRIDGE odor absorber's gel with seaweed absorbs bad odors in the fridge without altering the flavour of the food.





CONCORDE | GEL air freshener packaging design

GEL air fresheners range displays three scents (Lavender, Ocean, White flowers).



 Concorde | Deo Stick Air Freshener packaging design | signed by nowhereagency

CONCORDE | DEO STICK air freshener packaging design

The range displays three scents (Citrus fruits, Lavender and White flowers).


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Re.Le.Vi. produces domestic hygiene products: detergents, deodorants, air care and air fresheners...

About Re.Le.Vi.
Since more than 50 years, Relevi produces domestic hygiene products that are chosen every day by Consumers of the most important Italian and foreign multinational Companies: detergents, deodorants and moth-repellent articles are the main product categories produced. You find more info at Re.Le.Vi. website > 

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