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Chasing prospects is not the best strategy to achieve new customers

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9/28/15 5:43 PM

Stop occupying your time chasing clients: change for a better strategy

Think for a second. Have you ever thought that occupying your time looking for clients, may not be the best strategy? Instead, create an approach that brings them to you.

This does not mean to stop promoting your business, rather it means to change your strategy to achieve new customers.

Inbound marketing is the best strategy to achieve new customers online

Think about the process that made you aware of a problem and consequently, provided the  determination to solve it.


• Did you start immediately with the idea to “buy” something to solve it? Or did you start gathering information first?

Where did your Google search lead you to?


• Did you try to find out if other people had the same problem and if so, did you contact them to understand how they resolved it?

How much did you value that contact on LinkedIn that shared a point of view that you never considered before?

What did you learn from that short but illuminating video you found on YouTube with your smartphone?


• Did you carefully consider the options available to solve the problem?

How much did you obtain from that blog post you found via Twitter? The comparison between products you saw on Facebook? or the tips from that (free) ebook guide that you literally devoured before to fall asleep?


Furthermore, think now when and why you decided to enter into a shop or call a salesman interested to buy something.


Perhaps like you, most people today use internet to gather information and go through over 60% of their buying process even before to contact a salesman, exhibiting full control of their research and to be independent in making a decision to buy (font: HubSpot).


This behavior has more to do with your business, because among the millions of research done every minute on Google, there are also those people that could be interested to buy your products or services. If you want to be discovered and chosen, you need to adopt a strategy in which to catch their attention, engage and then sell what you have to offer them


Your new strategy starts from this change of perspective.


Now imagine to approach two strangers having a conversation. You did it with respect, didn’t you? By not interrupting and initially trying to understand who they are and what the conversation is about, right?

Now try to put yourself in their shoes: don’t you think they would prefer to have to deal with someone focused on THEIR problems, a person they could TRUST and that is willing to HELP them?


That’s your chance to get their attention: wherever people are seeking information online, tips, contacts & comparisons, you get the chance to make yourself known and share the content that in those moments are the most relevant to them and encouraging them to seek more.


Your best strategy is being a part of this process: to reach to be an active part of their conversation, answering their questions by focusing on their needs. Your focus is to be helpful, still respecting when they want to engage with you, sharing useful knowledge to ease that particular aspect of their work or life they have decided to improve.


If you decide to adopt these approaches, also your marketing must be different.

First of all, forget cold calls, leaflets, commercials and email lists, as such channels are used to slam your message or offer into the face of people who are not expecting it. Stop interrupting them from their business to offer what you are selling.

Don’t be afraid to give up the traditional advertising channels. They are proven to be rarely effective and do not provide the answers to those people who want to be informed prior to buying (not to mention that are hard to sustain if you want an ROI).

Stop to reason in terms of “consumers” or “target,” because here it is not about being found by the largest amount of people, it is rather about being found by the right people. Approaching them in the moment they are becoming aware of a problem and are searching for a solution ultimately reaching to engage them to evaluate your offer.


By adopting this strategy, your communication and your marketing will be more individualized and tailored to the person directly in front of you. You will need to know more about your potential clients and adapt to their behaviors (here you find a scheme of the sales funnel useful to interact with your customer providing him with the expected content & information). You will be more open to a one-on-one engagement, willing to help, educate and provide ease in their research by adopting a more personalized selling process.

For the buyer, the results will increase in value and have an overall better experience in every stage of the buying journey. For you, all of this will in turn be a more favorable relationship. You will be able to earn more clients and increase your sales opportunities ultimately reaching the ambitious goals you have set.


(Syndication: this post originally appeared on Linkedin.com/Pulse/)


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