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7 inbound guidelines for building trust with customers

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11/21/14 5:27 PM


Following inbound methodology you learn how and why to start 

Successful sales is about how and why to start a differt collaboration with people:

 you see how every small interaction with your customers matters in creating the larger experience.

Building trust with them is core to customer delight, both pre and post sale.

6-7x more costly to attract a new customer than it is to retain an existing customer.
Source: White House Office Of Consumer Affair

7% of consumers say that their customer service experiences with companies typically exceed their expectations.
Source: ECHO 2012 Global Customer Service Barometer



Here we share with you what HubSpot’s Academy team recommends to businesses: 

Follow these 7 seven guidelines for building trust with customers - and definitely delight them! 

1. Delight Employees

Delight your employees, and they will delight your customers. Build trust with your employees, and they will build trust with your customers. The bottom line: Happy employees = happy customers.

2. Educate Employees

Develop team principles that all employees follow. These principles should reinforce the notion that the most important thing is solving for the customer.

3. Empower Employees

Make sure every employee can identify a customer at the buyer persona level. This will help you understand who you’re trying to delight.


4. Listen

Listen pre-sale and post-sale. It’s all about collecting data - both qualitative and quantitative - about the inbound experience. It’s going to help you improve, innovate, and better educate your employees.


5. Ask Questions

Go exploring with customers. Ask questions to learn more about their problems. (Open-ended questions are the best.) Be sure to collect all of the responses.


6. Help & Educate

The businesses that are the best educators will be the most successful. It’s a pre-sale and a post-sale activity.

7. Follow-up

Always make sure you follow up with customers to ensure you’ve solved their problems. Every interaction warrants some type of follow-up.


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