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Private label scented candles packaging design examples

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2/4/16 11:30 AM

People love to brighten and to freshen their houses with scented candles!

 scented candles in decorative glasses for Christmas celebration


Despite being a category of products considered "traditional", the shelf of the candles is very competitive. And this is particularly true for a private label.

Consumers prove to appreciate the decorative candles, especially when carrying very specific scents in glasses or jars that are worthy of being displayed in the best spots of the house.

Seasonal and celebrative candles are becoming a new trend, with companies competing on find new scents and ways to make candles the most desirable accessory on the festivity tables.


Here you find the packaging design examples for some candles that we developed for Re.Le.Vi., an italian company very active on the international markets, able to innovate and very attentive to customer needs.


We find the quality of their candles amazing: playing with the light effects, the fragrances and the colors of the waxes, Re.Le.Vi. is bringing real innovation to the consumers.


Here are some candles packaging design examples:

candles packaging design examples: christmas edition vanilla scented candle by nowhereagency

RE.LE.VI. | Christmas edition vanilla scented candle

This candle is a Christmas edition produced in two scents: Neroli and Vanilla (gold) and Dark Chocolate (red). The candle, when lighted, casts around light effects.

nowhereagency developed the packaging design communication and gave its support during the new product development.

candles packaging design examples: Concorde red fruits scented candle by nowhereagency

CONCORDE | Red fruits scented candle


Concorde's scented candle range displays seven scents (Red Fruits, Jasmine, Apple & Cinnamon, Strawberry & Cream, Anís estrellado y Jazmín, Sándalo y Patchouli, Mora) on three sizes.

candles packaging design examples: color changing strawberry pannacotta scented candle by nowhereagency

MERCADONA | Color changing strawberry pannacotta scented candle


The "Color changing" is an innovative scented candle that RE.LE.VI. developed for Mercadona (Spain)

candles packaging design examples: baby powder scented candle by nowhereagency

Above is the "Baby powder" flanker of the scented candle range developed by nowhereagency for RE.LE.VI. and distributed by Mercadona in Spain.

The current range has two sizes and eight scents (Lavanda, Flor de Talco, Vainilla, Canela, Frutas del Bosque, Avellanas y Miel, and two Christmas limited editions, Mandarina y Chocolate and Anís Estrellado y Jazmín).


RE.LE.VI. Vanilla bean cream scented candle

This candle range, developed for the US markets, is based on food fragrances: Vanilla bean Cream, Cinnamon Apple Pie and Mandarin & Chocolate Fondue.

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Re.Le.Vi. produces domestic hygiene products: detergents, deodorants, air care and air fresheners...

About Re.Le.Vi.
Since more than 50 years, Relevi produces domestic hygiene products that are chosen every day by Consumers of the most important Italian and foreign multinational Companies: detergents, deodorants and moth-repellent articles are the main product categories produced. You find more info at Re.Le.Vi. website > 


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