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The Buyer's Journey helps to create the right content for the customer

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7/19/14 5:02 PM


focus on the customer journey to create the right content for your buyer
How well do you really know your buyer?

Is your marketing communication providing the buyer with the correct information during his decision making process?

Learn to focus on the Buyer's Journey to know what your buyer is really seeking and to provide your buyer with the expected information, creating the right content during each stage of his decision making process.

By developing an inbound marketing campaign, you will first need to learn how to refer to the buyer's perspectives in the path of the buying process and keep their information needs and problems central to your marketing & sales.


  • People buy because they want to improve something about their lives or their business.

They identify a problem and seek a solution. If this investment becomes a priority, here begins the decision process that drives some buyers to address the pain and you need to know how they think about that.


  • What really matters most is to understand the process from the buyer's perspective.

While developing an inbound marketing strategy, it's crucially important to understand which problems people think they will solve by using your product and which communication context interacts with the active research process your buyer goes through leading up to a purchase.

Inbound marketing methodology involves delivering tailored quality content to prospective customers WHEN and HOW they want to be reached.

But the types of content you should provide to your prospects to achieve each of those goals are often very different from each other.


  • You need to ensure that you are creating content for every stage of the buying cycle.

By aligning the content you publish with your customer's interests, you can earn permission to market to prospects that you can convert into leads, close into customers, and delight to the point they come promoters of your brand.


The Customer Journey can be broken into 3 key stages:


1st stage - AWARENESS
the buyer is not aware of your brand and he is searching for a solution

the buyer knows who you are and he wants to know the value of your offer

3rd stage - DECISION
the buyer wants to know the reasons why he should do business with you over your competitors
To move in deep: In our white paper "Focus on your Buyer's Jouney" you find a scheme useful to interact with your buyer providing him with the expected informations during each stage of his decision making process: as the buyer moves from being a complete stranger to become a customer of your brand or service due to your effective inbound marketing campaign.

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"How I Do It?" Focus on your Buyer's Journey
How to attract new customers with the inbound methodology? 

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