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To target the ideal customers is the first marketing goal

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5/19/15 4:48 PM

"How can I offer my products to target my potential customer?"
To target the ideal customers is the first marketing goal

To whom do I offer my products to?"
"What are my clients expecting & how do I engage them?”


First Marketing goal is to target the ideal customers.

In order for your business to be found online by the right prospective buyer, you must first define just who that is.

This research may reveal surprising findings about how, when and why your buyer makes the decisions you want to influence.


To reach the right customers or to create specific high quality content tailored for a specific target attracting the right visitors to a website, marketers research and use semi-fictional characters that represent your ideal customer, also known as your "Buyer Personas". 

"What is a buyer persona?

Buyer personas are examples of real buyers who influence decisions about the products, services or solutions that you market.


How to research your Buyer Personas?

  1. Research/survey your current customers
  2. Interview your current customers
  3. Talk to Sales & work with them!
  4. Use lead tracking data
  5. Compile insights from sales/customer service & customer interviews to determine how many personas you think your business may need (most companies have between 1 - 5 buyer personas).


Best tips:



Using Buyer Personas to target the right customer for your business

Use your Buyer Personas to know what your customers really want and to create quality content tailored to their needs.

Keyword strategy, blog posts, offers, CTAs, landing pages,thank you pages, lead nurturing, workflows, new services & new products are all examples of every marketing activity that you may choose moving forward that will achieve the right audience and leads.

Everything you do for your business must be tied to your Buyer Personas and to what your customers love.

The buyer personas you have profiled will allow you to understand "what" your ideal customers needs and interests are. 


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