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Example of functional branding for start-up to engage the stakeholders

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2/28/14 5:48 PM

"For a start-up, brand identity and communication are competitive resources to engage the stakeholders. We suggest to "inject" them into your project from the very beginning"

SeaMeDiscovering start-up engages the stakeholders with an effective and functional brand communication

SeaMeDiscovering is passion, global outlook and local knowledge for the best coastal experience.

SeaMeDiscovering conveys an example of our approach to a functional branding for start-up.


The concept - "Let's share the best coastal spots around selected by SeaMeDiscovering: things to do, what to see, where to go, what to eat, when to go, where to sail or to play and smart tips to know to get the most out of your sailing".

The execution - nowhereagency creative team developed the fresh and distinctive concept of this start-up and the naming.

Then the aim was to reach a strong brand architecture and brand identity able to gain equity across media and the development of the project.


This highly creative brand design developed for a passionate start-up is really effective and "functional" to drive the communication strategies: it conveys not only the brand identity but engages into the location selected by SeaMeDiscovering.


The brand can be adapted into specific variants to work online for the different locations.


Here below is how the logo (web version) supports the SeaMeDiscovering activities in the High Coast in Sweden:

SeaMeDiscovering brand identity signed by nowhereagency



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