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Packaging design studio for an innovative scented candle

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12/21/16 3:36 PM

The packaging for an innovative product must be able to give a straightforward representation of the reason to buy.

Stardust by RE.LE.VI is an innovative scented candle that contains glitter.

Stardust - Scented candle with glitted designed by nowhereagency 

Due to the fact that the candle reveals its effect after burning, its packaging design have to communicate all the potential of the product in a blink: the scent is perceivable and visually contextualized and the candle's effect is represented at its best through a realistic and yet thrilling display.


Stardust scented candle packaging design have been developed by nowhereagency. As a specialized agency, we're supporting brands and companies like Re.Le.Vi. with comprehensive packaging design and brand communication strategies providing full tailored solutions of brand management.


nowhereagency is detergents, fabric care, home care packaging design agency  [BROCHURE]


STARDUST | scented candle with glitter packaging design


This innovative scented candle has been launched in two scents, an emotional fragrance ("Fiocchi di sale e giglio di mare") and another more celebratory ("Mela e legno di sandalo").

Stardust is an innovative scented candle that contains glitter. The scent is Fiocchi di Sale e Giglio di Mare.

"STARDUST è la candela profumata dal cuore di glitter"


Stardust is an innovative scented candle that contains glitter. The scent is Mela e Legno di Sandalo. 


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