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Ultimate freshness experience for a laundry detergent packaging design

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2/14/14 7:00 AM


Here we bring a new laundry detergent packaging design example: Homey Lavanda is the new flanker that aims to engage consumers with a promo big size - "Maxi Risparmio" 80 washes per box, into the IN's discount stores, the discount chain all'italian part of the important business reality Group PAM spa.


Homey Lavanda laundry detergent packaging design signed by nowhereagency.

This creative laundry detergent packaging design provides a very powerful experience of freshness & lavanda perfume and the "light swirl" under the brand is an effective energy full visual to communicate cleaning performance. 


As a packaging design agency, we accrue expertise into LAUNDRY CATEGORY, by developing important international packaging design and in-store communication projects in several markets.

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During the past few years, among the others we worked on laundries for the brands: AVA, Lanza Tres and Biol in Italy - Dosia, Colon, Bryza in EE Countries and in Greece - Xau in Portugal and for other Private Label brands like Liol, ECO10, Focus, Homey, Tilco...


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