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Customer-centric practices to empower the buyer and the sales rep

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12/5/14 4:06 PM

The “2014 State of Inbound: Sales Edition” released by HubSpot, that surveyed thousands of sales professionals – reps and executives alike – and asked a blend of questions about priorities, technology, efficiency and results, reported at least one important takeaway:

"Buyers are more equipped than ever with more information about companies – but sales reps don’t have a similar level of insight into their prospects. Bridging this information gap will help close more leads, a top priority for Sales and Marketing alike."

The blog post "5 Customer-Alignment Myths That 2015 Will Bust" written by Christine Crandell reported how companies are moving fast from talking about how they value the customer to launching programs that enable them to understand, at an actionable level, customer expectations.

In our experience, we fully agree that true customer-alignment is deeply rooted in company culture and supported by the strategy & processes.

Its power lies not in the size of the company or in the technology but in the mindset of everyone within.

Customer-centric-practices-to-empower-buyer--sales-rep-conversationsCustomer-centric practices to empower the buyer and the sales rep


Successful sales are all about how and why to start a unique collaboration with the buyer.

Companies, that are focusing on the buyer, need solutions to communicate and sell in a different way and to provide processes that enable them to understand, at an actionable level. 

Buyer’s expectations include:

  • what information customers seek
  • when & where they look
  • who trusted sources are
  • how they intend to use the asset.

What really matters to the managers are solutions to focus on the buyer’s journey and empower marketing and sales teams to track in real time.

It's interesting to see the questions we daily approach with our customers, managers and business owners, within several inbound marketing and sales project developments, that clearly highlight their needs and suggest useful insights:

  • "How knowledgeable are our prospects about the company prior to our sales rep making their first contact with them?"

  • "How much information do sales reps have about a prospect before reaching out?"

  • "How can be painted a more comprehensive picture of our buyer?"

  • "How to provide premium one-to-one marketing & sales information?"

  • "How to bring value to the conversation among the marketing & sales team and our buyer?"

  • "How technology enables to know the buyers’ expectations and activities in actionable ways?"

Personalizations & distribution technology based on knowledge, trust & collaboration build strong value-created & insight selling.

Personalization & distribution technology are already within the reach of all businesses, managers and entrepreneurs, who are interested to empower buyer & sales rep conversations, establishing a relationship that is very favorable to the sale.

To boost your buyer and sales rep conversations, we share our brand new white paper to empower your ultimate customer-centric practices within your sales & marketing teams:
lease feel free to download it and to share it within your organization!

Free white paper: Customer-centric relationship practices & strategies

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