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Get the formula to awaken the attention online: it's magic!

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9/28/15 6:55 PM

Which is the proper formula to apply online to catch the attention and inform your potential clients? This is our focus in this post.

On the web, people are very busy: they work, seek information, learn, play, buy and share their own experiences with others.

To interrupt them, by pulling them away from what they are doing and then by engaging them to the point that they will want to buy something from you is a strategy that simply does not work anymore.

There is a formula & plan to awaken the attention online of your clients: it's magic!

Inbound marketing formula is magic to awaken the attention online

Marketing is going through a huge change of perspective: specifically "push" or hard selling techniques and advertising are progressively being replaced with selling strategies that tend to involve and inform. Rather than just "push to sell" ultimately providing respect to how people want to use the internet.

This change began in order to answer to the evolution of their behavior online.

Today prior to buying anything, we obtain information and learn by ourselves. Specifically by surfing webpages, downloading free resources, watching videos, listening to podcasts, reading digital publications and utilizing social networks to share our experience with other people who share our same problem.

44% of us start doing our research via search engine; for example Google (source: HubSpot).


By providing people the with the answers they are looking for, you create the best marketing strategy to engage them and make them aware of your offer, ultimately obtaining new clients:

  • Start sharing useful content with your potential clients immediately when they need it;

  • Build a relationship that considers their needs, respects how they want to be informed, when it is the right time to decide and buy.


Proceed with method:


Right information + right person + right time: the simple formula to awaken the attention online of your clients


The right persona is the potential client you want to hook.

First of all, you need to know who that it is.

Besides making a demographic profile, you must study their behaviors: for example, which information sources do they use? When and how do they decide to buy? However you especially need to understand which are the reasons and the aims that push them forward in their buying process.

Use the "Buyer personas" to represent in a practical way who your potential client will be >


The "right information" is what they need.

Never stop asking yourself: "how can I help them?"

Listen to them. Try to understand what they really need; which are the pain points they face? Offer timely answers to help them throughout any step of the buyer's journey.

Consider that they want to succeed in their research to improve a specific aspect of their life or work. Try to understand why and how they discovered you, which "solution" they see in your "product" and which information that you provided got their attention.

Provide answers by creating and sharing content that is useful, educational & exceptional. It is definitely the value of your offer that will attract them.

To create engaging content play a critical role in every stage of the buyer's decision process to bring more value to the sales conversation and help him to achieve target outcomes.

While engaging with your offer and prior to deciding when to buy, the solution seeker goes through different phases, each requiring specific content and actions from your side.

Analyze the "Buyer's journey" to understand which information is necessary for your potential client during every step of the buying process >


"The right moment" consists of allowing them to find the information promptly and precisely when & where they are searching.

Create a story to tell & share it with them exactly when they want to hear it. Make their day. It's the possibility to find quality content through the channel they chose and timely to make it qualify as "relevant."

To attract clients online, always keep in mind this "magic formula": right person, right information, right moment.

In this way, you will definitely be more efficient at attracting more visitors, thanks to a more contextual communication and being able to  engage with them effectively increasing your chances to attain them as your customer.



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