Want to improve the performance of your website on search engines but unsure where to start?

Why don't you simply start from avoiding the most common SEO mistakes?

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If you are planning to make a new website, or to redesign your current one, this guide will help you to improve your page rank on search engines.

We will give you the basic tools to start approaching one particular portion of the less glamorous side of website design: search engine optimization.


In this guide we will tell you about the 10 most common SEO mistakes, where you will learn also:

  • what to analyze of your old site - before to dismantle it -  to build an objective "start point" for the new one
  • the importance of a keyword plan
  • how to save all the good of the old website
  • how to plan an effective URL structure

By applying 9 simple rules
, you will then be able to develop a method to build SEO effective pages and will discover a useful online free tool that will help you do it daily effortless.

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