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Why become difficult to sell?

Consumers behaviors have changed: customers are self-educating online.

The Internet mobile has transformed how people access information, research products and services, make purchasing decisions and share their views and experiences.

Consumers' behaviour has change: people is self-educating online

"Today, prospects have made 60% of their purchase decision before even talking with a sales rep."


People do not want to be interrupted, they do not want to be sold to.

consumers have broken the old marketing and advertising playbook
People are tuning out traditional sales and marketing messages more than ever. Yet many businesses still rely on the same sales and marketing playbook they have used for more than a decade.

Take 5 minutes of time to look at these two videos:

"Don't call me 'the customer'" [3' VIDEO]

"Human" [2' VIDEO]


Instead of trying to persuade them to change their lives, buy products or use services, brands must empower people and help them to improve something about their lives or their business.

In order to attract and achieve new customers, brands have to market and sell to people differently. brands have to market and sell to people differently.

"What's Marketing that People love?"

Inbound methodology matches how people want to buy:

It naturally attracts and pulls toward your offer the right prospective customers, establishing a relationship with them that is very favorable to the sale.

Welcome to the age of the Inbound Marketing. The marketing that's useful

(and brings results to your business).

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