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Quanto Fabric Softener Packaging Design

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1/28/14 4:18 PM

Quanto fabric softener is a good sample of an international creative packaging design that provides freshness & the best quality brand experience to the consumers.


Quanto Freshness of the World concept

Quanto fabric softener provides premium long-lasting freshness with natural plant extracts. Consumers in the FS category are highly interested by visual and fragrance connected with color uniqueness.
Quanto is fresh, clean and simple allowing people to dream by experiencing a "fantasy" to exotic places they like.


The concept of Quanto fabric softener packaging design was introduced across 12 Countries

Between 1998 and 2004, nowhereagency created and developed the brand design & architecture, the international packaging design for Quanto fabric softener's range and all new flankers development for Reckitt Benckiser Group by working simultaneously with the Category marketing team in Heathrow and the leading Countries to adapt the international Quanto design into local markets and supporting their brand activities.

As a full-service packaging design agency, we accrued expertise into detergents & household cleaning markets working for over 40 Brands in more than twenty Countries.

During the past few years, among the others we worked for: Vanish, Calfort/Calgon, Finish/Calgonit, Cillit Bang, Quanto, Napisan, Lanza, AVA, Dosia, Colon, Bryza, Tiret, Veet, Sole, St. Marc, Lip, Xau, Intima di Karinzia, Tres and several Private Label (Coop, Mercadona, Liol, ECO10, Focus, Homey, Domestic, Tilco...).

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