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New laundry detergent design for a successful brand in Saudi Arabia

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4/26/17 10:16 AM

There are basic facets to an effective laundry detergent packaging design that have to emerge: performance & formula effectiveness, end results, distinctiveness, quality and convenience, and all of them need to reach the consumer.


The new Al-Rahden laundry detergent design empowers its distinctive positioning and integrates it with a brand new product/category communication.


The design has been launched on three sku:


  • 5kg "maxi" bag (here below)

  • 10kg "family pack" bag

  • 20kg "jumbo" bag


    A "regular" 3kg box has been developed, too.



Al-Rahden laundry detergent design - 5kg "Family pack" bag Al-Rahden laundry detergent design - 3kg box

Channel’s characteristics, visibility on the shelf, competitors, promo communication, even specific technical issues related to the packages has been considered and successfully managed.


Above: Al-Rahden laundry detergent design displayed on a shelf simulation with some of its competitors on the Saudi Arabian market.


Al-Rahden laundry detergent design have been developed by nowhereagency.

As a detergents & household packaging design specialized agency, we're supporting brands and companies like Al-Rahden with comprehensive packaging design and brand communication strategies providing full tailored solutions of brand management. 

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