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Always focus on customer context: it's what matters to close deals!

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12/16/14 2:30 PM

We’ll see more marketing and sales teams obsess over customers’ context.

Customer context to empower sales cycles is all what matters close deals.

In the past 12 months, we're following brands that are increasily switching their strategies from a product-centered vision to a more effective customer-centered one.

For them, it's increasing the need to connect quality sales & marketing information to bring value to the interactions among their marketing & sales team and their buyers, first... additionally, among shopping assistants & end consumers.

Their challenge is to target content based upon information they know about the buyers and to know the buyers’ expectations and activities in actionable ways. In this, inbound marketing & sales methodology is leading the process.

The future belongs to companies who adopt customer-centric strategies now.

In this post by Carlton Doty on Forre
ster's Blog you can collect useful takeaways:

  • Customer Insights (CI) teams will stimulate more insight-driven interactions with customers throughout the entire customer life cycle;

  • Marketers will enable their firms to close the gap between the abundance of customer and marketing data available today and the insights needed to win, serve, and retain customers;

  • they will enable their businesses to act quickly on customer knowledge

  • they will transform their firms into intelligent enterprises and drive better customer experience across all touchpoints.

  • Digital marketing investments will drive brand experiences across the customer life cycle.

Focus on customer context to empower sales

Inbound methodology has the right formula to leverage relevant content.

Inbound methodology listens to buyers by connecting with them personally, understanding their needs and creating compelling solutions.

This involves delivering tailored quality content to prospective customers WHEN and HOW they want to be reached.

Successful inbound marketing relies on its laser focus on creating and sharing content that answers your customer’s basic questions, ultimately satisfying their need for useful information at the different stages along their decision path.

By aligning the content you publish with your customer’s interests, inbound methodology naturally attracts qualified prospects that you can then convert, close and delight over time.


This illustrates the importance of reps acquiring more contextual information from marketing, social media, and technology to help complete their customer profile more robustly, so that they are better equipped to sell to warmer leads. 

Companies that are focusing on customer-centric solutions need to communicate and sell in a different way and to provide processes that enable them to understand, at an actionable level.

Buyer’s expectations include:

  • what information customers seek

  • when & where they look

  • who trusted sources are and ultimately how they intend to use the asset.

To help you to empower your ultimate customer-centric practices within your sales & marketing teams, here we share our brand new white paper: "Engage an infinite audience of one. Customer-centric practices to empower the ONLINE, IN-STORE and B2B relationship with your customer"

Free white paper: Customer-centric relationship practices & strategies

Please feel free to download it and to share it within your organization.
Start know & use the customer context today!

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